Below is a list of our products with a short description and some technical information.

Mezzanine Floors Barriers Gates
Handrail Inspection services Proving existing mezzanine floors

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors are semi-permanent floor systems installed within buildings, built between two permanent original stories. These structures are usually free standing and in most cases can be dismantled and relocated.

Moor storage have installed a wide variety of mezzanine floors for all sorts of applications, ranging from suspended ceiling support (35kg) through to heavy industrial storage (10kN, about 1,000kg). Every mezzanine floor we install is bespoke, and tailored to match our customers requirements. We commence each job with a comprehensive survey of the site, which allows us to ensure the fabrication of the mezzanine in our factory is as accurate as possible, minimising the installation time, and all but eliminating the need to do any fabricating on site.

Usually, we use our standard 38mm thick partial board (P6 2400mm x 600mm) for the decking material; for heavier duty floors we use a 4mm chequer plate deck.


Barriers are commonly included with mezzanine floor systems as they provide numerous safety benefits, for both people and products, and both on and beneath the floor. We are able to install barriers for virtually any application, taking into account pedestrians, fork lift trucks, or any other considerations you may have.


There are various different types and uses for gates, but their primary function is to provide an opening on to the mezzanine floor for the loading and unloading of materials.

At Moor Storage we manufacture our own, as well as the industry standard LC - HP (Low Ceiling High Pallet).


Our standard handrail is industrial twin railed 50mm by 50mm steel box section upright with bright zinc plated tube as a hand and middle rail this slides through the vertical posts.

Inspection services

We also offer comprehensive Inspections on all types of semi-permanent mezzanine floors, with drawings and calculations to prove what your mezzanine is rated to or if it fails with fast solutions to correct any issues, if you would like to know more about this why not give us a call for a general chat.

Proving existing mezzanine floors

As well as providing Inspection services we can also prove or find out what your existing mezzanine floor can hold, this is very handy when taking on a building with an existing mezzanine floor with no information on its design or loadings, particularly when making some changes and submitting plans to the local authorities it increases chances of approval.