Mezzanine Gates, Barriers & Handrails

Mezzanine Gates

Our range of pallet safety gates have been specifically designed to allow goods to be safely moved up to or down from mezzanine floors.

They can easily be installed in conjunction with a new mezzanine storage system or they can be retro-fitted.

Bi-parting pallet gate

For simple and effective access for infrequent use, with long term storage of products or maintenance access for parts.


  • Gate latch system to keep both leaves closed and secured
  • Floor bolts for assisted security
  • Lockable (where requested)

We recommend this is used in conjunction with a harness and lanyard system when operating the bi-parting gate.

“M” type pallet gate

Our M type gate offers a cost-effective solution when there are no restrictions with head room or non-standard pallets with permanent edge protection in the open or closed position.


  • 2562mm turning circle from deck

  • 1550mm Deep x 1700mm Wide overall pallet gate dimensions
  • 1000mm Deep x 1400mm Wide x 1500mm Tall overall pallet and product
  • Available in one coat yellow primer or yellow powder coated finish

LC-HP pallet gate

This pallet gate can be used on multi-tier mezzanine floors as the arms do not protrude over the platform edge when in either the open or closed positions.


  • 300mm above pallet and product required for operation of pallet gate

  • 1650mm Deep x 4500mm Wide x 2400mm Tall overall pallet and product

  • Options for a custom design for abnormal pallet or product loads

  • Easy open and close system with internal self-balancing shot

Mezzanine Barriers

We usually incorporate mezzanine safety barriers into our mezzanine storage systems as they have a number of benefits including:

  • Creating create clear pedestrian walkways
  • Protecting products and racking
  • Providing pathways for fork-lift trucks
  • Keeping employees safe when working at a certain height

Mezzanine Handrails

Our standard industrial mezzanine handrails are designed in accordance with BS 6180:1999 (barriers in and around buildings) and offer the following features:

  • Shiny steel tubular handrailing

  • Square box section uprights finished in matt black
  • Additional fascia / kicker options available
  • Different design options are available for retail and office environments where the mezzanine railings are required to be more aesthetically pleasing

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