We specialise in
Mezzanine Floor Installation.

We pride ourselves on the installation teams we use with their attention to detail from cutting the mezzanine floor deck to the health and safety being maintained during the installation and finishing off with an all rounded politeness to people on and off site.

Fast-track building regulation approval

Mezzanine floor installation will need building regulations approval from the local council.

Not only can we provide the paperwork and submit it on our customers’ behalf, we also offer a fast-track scheme for approval using qualified inspectors. This can reduce the average approval lead time from eight weeks to two weeks. 

Mezzanine floor inspection services

We offer mezzanine floor safety inspections to advise organisations if their mezzanine floors are in good working order. This is important to maintain a company’s health and safety standards and to minimise any workplace accidents.

We’ll investigate the floor itself, including the boards and all fixings, as well as any racking or shelving and will provide a full written report with any recommended actions. We can also advise what the mezzanine floor is rated to so over-loading can be avoided.

We recommend a full inspection report is carried out every year with a structural report every three years in line with BRE Digest 437.

Proving existing mezzanine flooring

We are often called out to prove what an existing mezzanine floor can hold, whether it’s due to lost paperwork, maybe a building has been purchased and no paperwork is available, or changes need to be made and the local council needs specific details. 

We’ll do a site survey to take measurements and will then produce structural calculations to advise what weight the floor can take. A full written report will be provided.

Treating steelwork

All the main steelwork used in our mezzanine storage systems is coated in a transport paint finish to help reduce the onset of rust and the secondary deck beams are galvanised as standard to prevent corrosion from atmospheric conditions.

The main steel can then be left as it is or we can powder coat it to any specified RAL colour.

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